Cause what the hell is wrong with expressing yourself?

Being that I am a die-hard Musical Theatre geek, I have always been quite ashamed of the fact that I had never seen Billy Elliot the Musical. But, I got a chance to redeem myself as the show being on the top of my “shows to see list” wasn’t going to cut it for me. I was given the “Billy Elliot The Musical: Live” DVD for Christmas and have finally watched it. Needless to say it is no surprise that all their promotional posters are splattered with quotes such as “The best show in London,” “Utterly Captivating” and “The best musical of the decade.” 

Now I can’t deny that I wasn’t skeptical. After the very recent failures of such British Musicals like I Can’t Sing!, Viva Forever and Stephen Ward, including the musical Made in Dagenham also based off a film, (set around the Women’s workers strikes in 1970) I failed to see how Billy Elliot was still going, and better still going into its tenth year. I was even more perplexed by the fact that a truly British Musical based on a subject I didn’t think would be very popular, has seen productions in 8 countries around the world. However what I gathered from watching the DVD, was how the topics of unity, individuality, standing up for what you believe in and expressing yourself, can be universal, despite the great or little knowledge you have of Margaret Thatcher and the Miner’s Strike of ’84-’85 in the North of England.

So, if you believe in the topics I mentioned above, and are a fan of a truly heart warming story about a working class boy’s dream of being a ballet dancer. Or you could a fan of Elton John (who composed the show) and likes listening to anthems promoting “Solidarity”,  I recommend you buy Billy Elliot the Musical: Live and see for yourselves. :)

(think I should warn you there is explicit language throughout the show; adds to the character if you ask me!)

Lucy x

and if you’re still not convinced by my post please listen to the opening number :) – (skip to 1:09)

The Series of the Blue Duffel Coat 💙

   (I know that my editing skills are at a beginner level – but bear with me!) 

Here I picture my 6 year old sister doing what she does best: being a child. I wanted to capture the wonder and fascination of children using my sister Maisie as an example. And the Blue Duffel Coat she wears makes the pictures that much more interesting to look at ☺️

This is because the blue can mean several different things depending on the person. For me it means as follows :

. Serenity

. The Sea (fortunately we were by the sea at the time!)

. Peace

. Strength 

. Sadness

. Unity

. The Sky

    Where am I going with this? Well, I believe that theses words describe or signify a part of childhood we all experience at about 6 years old. When you come to realise and question the world, free of any prejudices or judgements that can later bear down on you and seeing the world through untainted eyes. Sometimes I think how great it would be to re-live that time at the tender age of 6, do you? 

Thank you for reading my thoughts,

Lucy ☺️💙

A little look at ma chambre… :P

A little look at ma chambre... :P

I would like to start off this post with pointing out, though it may seem like it, I am not THAT patriotic! Don’t get me wrong, I have proud British moments (most notably the olympics… GO TEAM GB :) ) but I am not strongly patriotic as this Kingdom has had some not-so-great moments as well… So, my decor is mainly the Union Jack because… I like the look of it?! I’m not sure if that makes much of a reason, but it’s true! Red, White and Blue go lovely together and also go nicely with all my White furniture, so, without further ado, this is my sort-of-a-room-tour! :)

I’m going to start with my jungle of a desk. I have recently acquired three shelves which make a nice stand for all my West End programmes, (which I consider to be my shrine to musical theatre ;) ) they are shown on all three shelves. I have one for books, one for holding the programmes of my favourite West End shows, (plus all my sheet music) and the other has nine purple folders that hold the books for each of my subjects. (I don’t often organise but I find this method works well!)

On my desk I have my laptop, four green, small, buckety thingy’s which hold stationery and other common desk appliances ;) , most loved DVD’s, (which include a lot of Disney, Downton Abbey and Michael McIntyre) CD’s, (I still have my Camp Rock CD if anyone remembers that!) current flower in its pot, (which is currently a rhododendron) a jewellery stand I use for hairbands and an old shelf with a LOT of knick-knacks. Don’t we all need knick-knacks in our life?

On the White-Board I only use for hanging up pictures, you can see I have a few photos of Disney princesses with my face photoshopped onto them :D , a page with just Zac Efron’s face on (everyone needs a bit of the Efron ;) ) and some various birthday cards. Also to the side of my desk (that you can’t see in the picture) I have some sports medals (from school only) and my Big Bang Theory calendar! You can tell I’m such a cool kid right?

In the corner of the picture with my bed in it you can see my makeup desk, (which I may do another post on; we’ll wait and see ;) ) then next to it my covers which are just plain dots, but it is supposed to fit in with the huge Roy Lichtenstein wall poster I have on the opposite wall, So there is method to the not-so-madness :)

So that is my room! I’m sorry there was a gap in posts I went back to school recently and couldn’t keep up with posting but, I got myself organised so that (hopefully) there won’t be a 3 week gap again! Thank you so much for reading!

love lucy xx

( I included the little flamingo picture in because I found it hilarious! Plus I found it quite fitting as my name is lucyisaflamingo ;) )

(Also Disclaimer: I am NOT trying to brag in anyway, this post is for my own enjoyment of blogging and hopefully you who is reading it as well :) )

High-end Makeup and Skincare Cambridge Haul!!

High-end Makeup and Skincare Cambridge Haul!!

Had a fun day out shopping with my little sis Katie today and here are some of our purchases! (I say “our” but I only bought the M.A.C eyeshadow palette, she bought the rest ;) )

I have to say that even though the excitement was too much to bear when I bought my first EVER M.A.C eyeshadows, the best part of my day was that a Dunkin Donuts opened in Cambridge! Now for the average American person I know that Dunkin Donuts are everywhere but, I visited Boston once on Holiday and I remember driving past a Dunkin Donuts and not being allowed in; (this was 8 years ago) and I was so thrilled that the chain has finally moved to the UK! I had a gorgeous Bacon Buttie, Caramel frosted donut and a tea :D Seriously the best day ever and it was only 11:30!

We then went into Superdrug because I was dying to see if they had any of Tanya Burr’s lips and nails in stock and after a bit of searching, low and behold, there it was! I had sadly spent all my money before otherwise I would have got the Vampire Kiss Lipgloss and the Little Duck Nail Varnish – as they looked particularly awesome :)

After a short visit to LUSH (where Katie bought Ultrabland face cleanser) a brief encounter at the Clinique stand in John Lewis (where Katie bought a mini Clinical Clearing Gel) and a short stop at the Benefit counter in Boots (where Katie bought a set of minis called ‘Primping for the Stars’) we headed for M.A.C.

Now I am relatively new to the market of Higher-end makeup as my mother has just deemed it acceptable for me to spend my money on slightly more pricey beauty products, so I have just a few items from M.A.C! (my first ever visit being 2 months prior to today ;) ) The products I already own are:

Studio Fix Powder (NC15)
Paint Pot (Painterly)
Lipstick (Costa Chic)

But I went in today and bought my first ever four eyeshadow palette and filled it with two eyeshadows, Woodwinked and Swiss Chocolate. I am SO excited to use them and might do another post on eye looks with them? I’m not sure but i’ll keep you updated. I’ll also check in with my sister to see if she liked any of the products she bought!

Links to the products mentioned are as followed:

Ultrabland facial cleanser – LUSH:

Primping with the Stars – Benefit:

Clinical Clearing Gel – Clinique:

Cleanse Off Oil – M.A.C:

Empty Pro Palette X 4 – M.A.C:

Eyeshadow – Pro Palette refill pan (Woodwinked and Swiss Chocolate) – M.A.C:

Thank you for reading my rambling post :) love lucy xx

I was Nominated for the Liebster Award!


As people can see I am very new to blogging but I am very grateful and humbled to katybutler2013 for nominating me for this award! For those who are unaware (like me until about 10 minutes ago; ) ) the Liebster Award is an award given to a blogger with under 200 followers; it’s a great way of promoting your blog and for people to learn more about you!

The Rules:

  • Leave a link to the blog who nominated you,
  • State 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions the person before you asked
  • Nominate 11 people (with under 200 followers) and ask them 11 more questions!

So let’s begin shall we :)

11 facts about me!

  1. I live in England 
  2. I am 5″1 (constantly made fun of for being short!)
  3. I would one day like to perform on the West End
  4. If you didn’t gather this from the previous fact I am obsessed with musicals!
  5. I love buying from eBay (I love a good bargain ;) )
  6. I love Shakespeare (Much Ado About Nothing is my fave!)
  7. One of my greatest achievements was winning a pair of white Dr Martens on eBay for £10.50! :D
  8. HUGE fan of Sleek makeup
  9. I would love my hair to be longer!
  10. My favourite dinner is gammon, egg and chips (very british I know ;) )
  11. And finally I love watching Pixiwoo, Tanya Burr and Gossmakeupartist on YouTube!

 Here are the answers to the 11 questions I have been asked by Katy :)

  1. What is your favourite makeup brand? God that’s difficult! But if I had to say one brand it would have to be Sleek because it is an all rounder for face and lips products in particular. 
  2. What are your top 3 makeup essentials? They would have to be my No7 eyebrow pencil, M.A.C Studio Fix powder and my Revlon Colourstay eyeliner pen! (I cannot leave the house without eyeliner!)
  3. Who is your celebrity crush? Zac Efron, no doubt about it, I mean…. it’s Zac Efron
  4. Do you prefer bronzer or blush? Blush because I am very pale and can’t work bronzer without looking orange ;)
  5. What’s your favourite Holiday destination? New York! I am in love with that place.
  6. What’s your favourite movie? Thats tough, probably Frozen or Moulin Rouge (I have an unhealthy obsession with Frozen)
  7. What pets do you have? I have a 18 year old cat (seriously!) named Jerry and some pond fish.
  8. How would you describe your style? Definitely a mix between quirky and retro :D
  9. What would you describe as your best feature? Hmmmm i’m not sure what my best feature is but my eyes are quite big and i like that?! So probably my eyes :)
  10. What is/was your favourite subject at school? It’s on and off but i’d have to say Drama was my favourite.
  11. If you had to throw away all your makeup apart from one product, what would that product be? Well, as I’d prefer my face to be non-shiny I would have to say my eyeliner pen is the most important makeup product to me!

Sooooo I Nominate…

Now here are 11 questions for the people I have nominated :)

  1. What has been your favourite holiday?
  2. Fake Tan or no Tan?
  3. Most played song at the moment?
  4. Favourite Actor/Actress?
  5. Favourite quote?
  6. If you had one book or movie to watch/read for the rest of your life what would it be?
  7. Lilies or Roses?
  8. Favourite app game? (mines candy crush ;) )
  9. Favourite clothes shop?
  10. Any recent purchases?
  11. Jewellery or Handbag?

Really sorry if some blogs have over 200 followers or have done this before! (if that is the case I would love it if you would do it again to support new blogs but completely understand if you don’t want to!) I’ve really new to blogging so please forgive me as I know no better :) love lucy xx 

Beauty, Hair and Skincare Products I’ve Used Up …

Beauty, Hair and Skincare Products I've Used Up ...

I was searching through my makeup collection and found quite a few products that were empty (and had been for a long time) so I thought I’d share with the what products I will be repurchasing and products that… weren’t so great ;)

From Left to right:
BIG Hair Shampoo – LUSH: Made up of sea salt crystals this shampoo does exactly what it says, it makes your hair really big! I found this shampoo even worked on my incredibly thin and flat hair while also adding a beautiful shine so will be repurchasing!

COSMETIC LAD Facial Moisturiser – LUSH: A sweet smelling moisturiser that works brilliantly for my combination skin, because it adds just enough moisture to my face without putting excess oil there; I generally use this at night time so it soaks into my skin while i’m sleeping; it’s a great moisturiser but at £11.95 I can probably find a cheaper alternative – so might be repurchasing.

PEACHES and CLEAN 3 IN 1 deep purifying cleanser – Soap and Glory: I use this to take my face makeup off at the end of the day, which it does so brilliantly and also it smell like peaches (like the name suggests ;) ) which I LOVE and is why I will be repurchasing it!

Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser: I mentioned before that I have combination skin and on days where my skin is more oily I use this because it is light and water based so it contains no oils that would clog my pores. I also apply this right before foundation but I don’t think it is moisturising enough for me, however at £3.99 I can’t complain so I will be repurchasing!

take the day off makeup remover – Clinique: This is the best makeup remover that has ever existed; it removes even really tough eyeliner that you can’t get rid of with normal makeup remover. The only drawback is that it costs £17 :( which is really sad because it’s so good! So I would love to repurchase it but when I’ve got a bit more cash to spare.

One Step correct – stila: This is a sensational primer that corrects the redness in my cheeks before putting on foundation. I’m not sure about it making your makeup lasting much longer but it contains a green tone to minimise redness, peach to brighten and lavender to correct sallow undertones. It’s £24 so it’s a bit pricey but the most convenient primer for me so it’s on the “maybe” list.

the Falsies Volume Express Mascara – MAYBELLINE: If you want big lashes with a (relatively) small price then this mascara is for you! I personally prefer the Soap & Glory mascara I have because it gives slightly less volume but for £7.99 it gives great ultra black volume, maybe a few clumps but otherwise brilliant, will be repurchasing for more evening looks!

Wake Me Up Concealer – Rimmel: A truly illuminating concealer that offers a medium coverage. Only setback is that it is available in 3 colours, not great for a lot of people but lasts all day when powdered, great for under eye area as it brightens but not so great for blemishes as it may accentuate them. For £5.49 it’s probably the best drugstore concealer so I will repurchase!

*Colourstay Eyeliner – Revlon: I love eyeliner pens and after trying quite a few drugstore ones this is by far the best! It doesn’t smudge on eyelids when applied, lasts all day and doesn’t lose colour. It’s £6.99 so within budget for most and I would repurchase this!

*Bare Minerals Mineral Veil: A finishing powder that is translucent and works well with powder foundation. It, however doesn’t make foundation last as long as other powders and at £20 I think it is worth buying something cheaper like Rimmel Stay Matte powder or if you want a powder with coverage I would go for MAC Studio Fix ; so won’t repurchase.

Sorry that was such a long post! I hope people found it interesting :) love lucy xx

*pictures with stars are products I have purchased and used up but have since thrown away ;)

Literally the Mad Hatter’s Hat Collection…

Literally the Mad Hatter's Hat Collection...

I’m an odd teen, theres no denying it! I am known to all at school as the “Hat Girl” I’m sure you can see why. From Top Hats to a Perry the Platypus beanie (I love you if you know where Perry the Platypus is from :P) I wear them all. So, heres my little shoutout to why I think hats are so great:

1. Make dull hair more interesting (my reason)
2. Cover any bad hair days you might have (or any hairdressing mishaps… not fun ;)
3. Protects you from rain, snow, cold, the sun…
4. If you’re like me, makes an everlasting impression on people (especially when wearing a Kermit the Frog beanie :D)
5. “If a woman rebels against high heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat.” (brilliant quote by George Bernard Shaw)

Picture: A small range of my favourite hats, I would give links to wear to buy them but nearly every single one is from a shop that has shut down, a market stall, or stolen from my sisters bedroom :) love lucy xx

(photo’s courtesy of moi and a cheeky picture of me in a kids play area because why not? ;) )

All Hail the Emperor of Liquid Lipstick…

All Hail the Emperor of Liquid Lipstick...

This stuff is simply out of this world. Sleek Matte Me liquid lipstick is like no other on the market; it’s true to it’s colour, matte as hell and STAYS ON ALL DAY! (not even an exaggeration ;) Sleek makeup is well known for it’s colour payoff and pigmentation, and this product is definitely no exception. I’ve had this product for a few weeks now and I wear it constantly because it is brighter than any lipstick I own. There are 6 shades available that range from a nude (called Birthday Suit) to a bright fuchsia purple (called Fandango Purple, pictured left.) The lipstick retails at £4.99 in the UK ($7.49 in the US) which is – in my eyes – an absolute bargain!

So to conclude-

Pros: Bright, very matte, stays on all day, doesn’t dry out lips, affordable

Cons: Does come off easily and smudge if rubbed, but, if left untouched, there are no issues with this product!

In the Picture: I have the shades Fandango Purple (pictured left) and Rioja Red (pictured right)
Photos courtesy of moi :) love lucy xx

Coca Cola is on top …

Coca Cola is on top ...

We can see that logo prints are definitely back in this year, (yay!) This designer went for an ultra snazzy sequin Coca Cola vest and heavily torn jeans (photo far right.) I especially like the Japanese writing on the white coke shirt from ASOS because it offers a slightly different alternative to try this look but make it slightly different at the same time :) love lucy xx
High-street alternatives for this look are:

Adriana Distressed Bleach Relaxed Skinny Jeans, £25 – Boohoo (photo far left)

Petite Enjoy Coke Sweat, £30 – Topshop (photo right)

Boyfriend T-Shirt with Japanese Coca-Cola, £18 – ASOS (photo left)